About us

Coram is committed to improving the lives of the UK’s most vulnerable children and young people.

We support children and young people from birth to independence, creating a change that lasts a lifetime.

Here are some of the ways our work makes a difference to young lives:

  • Coram Adoption has one of the highest placement success levels in the country, 99% of children placed with our adoptive families are still enjoying the security of a permanent family*

  • 94% of parents say their child’s emotional wellbeing improved after attending Coram Creative Therapies**

  • 93% of Key Stage 1 pupils say Coram Life Education helped them think about drug and alcohol risks***
  • 92% young people would recommend Coram Voice to a friend****
  • 86% of young people were in education, employment or training six months after leaving Coram’s fomer Supported Housing, compared with fewer than 40% of children in care in London.*****
  • 86% of Child Law Advice Service callers need no further help from state funded legal advice services******

Our History

Coram is one of the UK's first children’s charities.

We were founded in 1739 by Captain Thomas Coram, a philanthropist who wanted to provide care for abandoned children left dying on London’s streets. Our pioneering work attracted some prestigious patrons including the artist William Hogarth and the composer George Frideric Handel.

Today, we still rely on the support of generous donors and benefactors to continue our work helping the UK’s most vulnerable children by:

  • Finding adoptive families who can provide the love, care and security they desperately need,
  • Inspiring children to make positive, healthy choices by helping them to better understand the risks of drugs and alcohol,
  • Upholding children’s rights and empowering children in care to make their voices heard,
  • Providing practical skills and emotional support to vulnerable parents, so they can do their best for their children,
  • Giving isolated young people the security of a roof over their head, and supporting them to take charge of their lives.

Our Mission

Coram's mission is to develop, deliver and promote best practice in the support of vulnerable children and young people. Our vision is that every child has the best possible chance to lead a fulfilling life. We champion what matters most for children, creating better chances, and a brighter, happier future.

Privacy Policy and Complaints Policy and Procedure

Our Privacy Policy

Our Complaints Policy and Procedure

 * Analysis of Coram’s 128 direct placements from 2011 until March 2013

 ** Creative Therapy outcome evaluation, 2013

*** Coram Annual Review 2014

**** Young Persons Feedback Forms March 2014

***** Coram Supported Housing: 2011-12 survey of young people who have moved on from Coram accommodation by Rebekah Wilson

****** Child Law Advice Line 2014

Photos in this section are posed by models to protect confidentiality unless otherwise stated.

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