Babies under two: discover our Concurrent Planning scheme

The care system can be the start of a disruptive and difficult journey for babies and young children.

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They often move from foster carer to foster carer while the courts reach a decision about their long-term future.

Coram offers a pioneering and humane alternative, through a scheme called Concurrent Planning. We have been running this service since 1999 with a high degree of success.

What is Concurrent Planning?

Through Coram's Concurrent Planning service, a baby or child in care under the age of two is found suitable foster carers who are ready and willing to adopt them later, if adoption is decided to be their best option. We will select those babies where there is a probability that they will need adoption - but it is the court which will make the final decision.

Young children have a greater chance of finding stability and forming secure attachments with permanent adoptive parents through Concurrent Planning. It provides consistency and rescues a child from the upheaval of being moved between families. It is the adults who take the risks. For the babies it is a win/win scenario:  return to their parents or adoption by foster carers.

Personal stories

Watch our short three-minute film about Concurrent Planning where concurrent carers talk about their experience of the scheme.

View more adoption videos on our Coram youtube channel

A film transcript for our film is provided here for accessibility. Reproduction by third parties is strictly forbidden. Please contact our Press Office with enquiries.

Coram’s Concurrent Planning Service has been validated by The Centre for Excellence and Outcomes in Children and Young People's Services (C4EO). Read the full C4EO Report here.


Click here to listen to one woman's moving description of what it's like to be a concurrent carer and hear from Jeanne Kaniuk, OBE, our Managing Director of Coram Adoption 

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We are currently looking for concurrent carers, who live:

  • Within 20 miles of Coram's Concurrent Planning service in Central London, or
  • In the county of Cambridgeshire.

Get in touch with our Concurrent Planning team on 020 7520 0383 or at