Art Therapy

Coram’s Art Therapy offers children and whole families the opportunity to explore and express their feelings by making art.

brunette girl painting

Transforming lives through art and music

Working with each person to build a trusting relationship, a trained art therapist uses a variety of different art materials to help them communicate in a totally new way. Art Therapy is especially helpful for children who find verbal expression difficult.

Who Can Benefit?

Children  find new ways of expressing their emotions and the issues they face in an open and non-judgemental environment. This offers the right atmosphere to begin addressing their problems and building their self-esteem.

Parents are supported to gain a deeper understanding of the issues their children face and are thus better able to help them. Either they will participate in the session itself or have feedback sessions with the therapist.

Schools  also work with us to deliver Art therapy. Teachers see children become increasingly receptive to learning as the therapy starts to resonate. It allows them to build self-esteem and resilience to the emotional challenges they face.

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