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The Adoptables is a peer network of adopted young people that enables them to express their views about  their experiences as adopted children at home, in school and in post-adoption support.

 Coram Adoptables logoWho are The Adoptables and what do we do?

Run by children’s charity Coram and funded by the Queen’s Trust, the Adoptables produces tool kits to help teachers and social workers improve how they interact with adopted young people. The Adoptables also enables young people to act as ambassadors for adoption and for the views and needs of other adopted children.

Over three years, the Adoptables will involve adopted young people aged between 13 and 25 in a range of workshops and residential sessions. We will equip those taking part with a range of skills including team working, public speaking and personal development.   

The Adoptables and you?

  • Young People: Get your voice heard. Tell us about your experience of adoption; what works, what doesn’t work so well and tell us how decision-makers can improve adoption for children and young people like you across the country. Email or call The Adoptables project manager Lindsay McDougall or 07984 289062.

  • Parents: A safe place where your children can express themselves at the same time as building friendships with other young people who have a shared understanding of each other’s experiences as adopted young people. Email or call The Adoptables project manager Lindsay McDougall, 07984 289062.
  • Adoption professionals, schools and teachers: A chance to hear what the day-to-day realities are like for adopted young people. What they want to say to prospective adopters, professionals, parents and their peers. Email or call The Adoptables project manager Lindsay McDougall, 07984 289062 or, if you are from a school and wish to find out more about the Adoptables Schools Toolkit, email Coram Life Education, fill in our website contact form, or call 0207 520 0364.

The Adoptables' magazine

The Adoptables residential tripThe Adoptables magazine is a space where adopted young people can raise and address topics that are important to them. 

In issue three, read about The Adoptables residential trip to PGL in Swindon where they had the opportunity to take part in outdoor activities and meet with other Adoptable Ambassadors to discuss the issues facing adopted young people today. 

The online magazine will come out quarterly  and if you would like more information on how to get involved or you have a story to tell or a subject you would like to be addressed, please get in touch.

Read current issue of The Adoptables' magazine 

Read Issue 2 here

Read Issue 1 here

Find out more:

If you are an adoptive parent or an adopted young person and want to find out more, please contact the Adoptables Project Manager Lindsay McDougall, 07984 289062

If you would like to come to one of our Adoptables Workshops: See when and where our next event is taking placeIf no The Adoptables Workshops are listed, please get in touch for more information. 


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