The Stranger Series Photography Project

Coram’s Young Citizens have partnered with professional photographer Arteh Odjidja on his latest project the Stranger Series. The project focuses on portraying the aspirations and dreams of young migrants in cities across Europe with the aim of re-addressing the often negatively skewed narrative. Arteh’s first solo exhibition 'Stranger in Moscow' was shortlisted for the Association of Photographers (AOP) awards and he has exhibited his work extensively in the US and the UK.

Over the coming months Arteh will work with the Young Citizens ambassadors to develop their photography skills and refine their own unique creative voices. Through their images they will challenge discrimination and negative stereotypes by showcasing their achievements and goals. The images will also demonstrate that they are role models to others and aim to give inspiration to other children and young people who are new to the country.

Young Citizens
‘I have always wanted to give back to the society and want to use my stories to motivate and encourage young people’.

Young Citizens ambassador

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