Our strategic aims

Coram’s vision is that all children will have the best possible chance to live a fulfilling life. 

Our aim is to develop as a National Centre of Excellence for Children featuring services for children who face particular challenges. These include:

  • children who cannot remain safely in their birth family or who are in care,
  • children in need of access to justice,
  • refugee, migrant and trafficked children,
  • children and young people who have experienced trauma or whose behaviour places them at risk,
  • emotionally vulnerable young people leaving care or in their transition to parenthood and independence.

Our five-year business plan sets out the following objectives:

  • To help more children, young people and families through a diverse range of support and intervention services,
  • To help children more by championing what matters most for children,
  • To increase public understanding and support,
  • To sustain and increase operational sustainability through the development of the Coram Group,
  • To advance the plans for the development of the Coram campus to further our aims.


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