Adopting a child

We offer all our adopters and children a sensitive and professional service.

young girl writingIf you decide to adopt with Coram, we will work with you towards becoming adoptive parents and are there for you throughout the process. We also offer you support for as long as you need us after you have adopted. This is because we know that adoptive families may need support of different kinds as their children grow and we have a dedicated adoption support team that will help you.

Where we work

We have UK adoption teams in Central London, South London, North London, the East Midlands and Cambridgeshire. Our expertise means we have also developed successful adoption partnerships with many local authorities.

Life-long adoption support

We offer all our families advice and support throughout the adoption process and afterwards. Our wide range of after adoption support, includes access to music and art therapy, referrals to specialist local services, support groups for adopted children and parenting skills groups to help build strong family relationships throughout childhood and adolescence.

I have adopted two beautiful boys through Coram. With their help our boys have a safe, secure, loving home and my husband and I can pour our all the love we have stored up on our boys. Thank you Coram. - Anya, Coram adopter

Vist our dedicated Coram Adoption site

Visit our dedicated Coram Adoption site to find out more about adopting through Coram, our adoption support and to read and view our real-life adoption stories.

Coram Adoption

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