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What do adopted children and young people really feel about contact with their birth families? Coram's DVD, made by adopted youngsters attending our peer support groups in the East Midlands, is a valuable resource for adoption support workers. 

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"Contact in adoption: the views of young people" - a powerful and authentic resource for adoption support workers

The adopted children and young people who made this DVD wanted you - the adults involved in adoption - to understand how adopted children experience contact with their birth families. It helps you to see the world through their eyes and to think about the issues they face. Sharing their stories was not always easy; they hope their work will make a difference.

This DVD is all the more powerful and authentic for being made by the children and young people who have experienced adoption rather than professionals.


What people say about Coram's DVD

A moving and powerful resource that allows children’s voices, and a variety of their views on contact, to be heard. - Nicky Probert, BAAF (British Association for Adoption and Fostering)

The adoption support workers were really impressed: it makes us think harder about how we set up contact and the impact for adopted children and young people. - Member of Midlands Family Placement Group

How you can buy Coram's DVD

"Contact in adoption: the views of young people" costs £20 + £5pp. It is available from Lorraine Wallis at Coram Adoption East Midlands 01509 600306.

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