Will you help a troubled young child find a safe, loving home this Christmas?

You can help give a child like Lauren or Holly a family of their own

Will you help a troubled young child find a safe, loving home this Christmas?

Lauren and Holly will always be affected by the start they had in life. Substance misuse, domestic violence and neglect meant they were removed into care.

They were then fostered by three different families. The constant upheaval left them confused and uncertain who they could trust. Holly would often erupt into violent temper tantrums. Lauren was quieter. She would just sit there with a frozen smile. At just five and seven years old, after all they had been through, is it any wonder that they were struggling?

But this Christmas, with your gift, Coram will continue to do what it does best – give potential adopters the training they need to be confident that they can offer children like Lauren and Holly a loving home. 

Will you help give a child the chance to be adopted into a new loving family?

When Lauren and Holly were referred to Coram, their current foster placement was on the brink of collapsing. They urgently needed stability. We carefully matched them with Alex and Sarah, a couple who had been prepared by Coram for the challenges of adopting children from difficult backgrounds. 

Within weeks of being adopted Holly started to really act up. She would mess up her room, and lash out at her sister and her new parents. She was letting out all the pent up distress she had been holding inside.

A gift from you could help Coram support adoptive parents for as long as they need.

At first, Lauren didn’t open up much and tried to keep adults at arm’s length. Emotionally she seemed much younger and her language development was slow. But there were moments where Lauren would say very worrying things. When playing a game Lauren said “Now the grown-ups throw the baby down the stairs.” Sarah had to explain that, in this family, babies and children are loved and cared for. No one would try to hurt her. 

At the root of it all, Lauren and Holly were just two very frightened and confused little girls. Coram supported the family through this difficult period which made a huge difference - as Sarah explains.

Coram gave us advice and reassurance that it was ok to handle things as we were. We knew it would take some time for these children to believe we were going to look after them and that things wouldn’t change again.

Your gift could help a young child today

Thanks to a stable home environment, and the support provided by Coram, Lauren and Holly are much more settled, happy children. They both enjoy singing nursery rhymes in the bath and being read to at bedtime.

But there are many more children like Lauren and Holly who do not have a family to call their own this Christmas.

The number of children taken into care keeps rising. It is now higher than at any point over the past 30 years. Most have experienced neglect and abuse. Children who have had this kind of start in life need the stability and security of a loving family home. 

What bigger gift could you give a child this Christmas than a loving family for life?

Names, images and some details have been changed to protect the identity of the children and families we help.