How can you help invisible children?

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How can you help invisible children?

The year is 1739. James is two days old, wrapped in rags, lying in a London doorway.

Unnoticed, ignored. Seemingly invisible. When his mother became pregnant, she feared she would be forced into the workhouse where James’ chance of survival would be slim. Heartbroken, she left James in the hope someone would care for him.

The year is now 2014. Ben is three years old and vulnerable. His mother’s struggle with alcohol and drug addiction meant she couldn’t look after Ben, so he was taken into care at a few days old. But Ben has been waiting for a loving new family for three years. Unnoticed, ignored. Seemingly invisible.

275 years ago, a man called Thomas Coram refused to allow babies like James to be invisible. He set up Britain’s first home for abandoned children and gave thousands of babies a better start in life.

Today, Coram still fights for vulnerable children and young people. We find children like Ben loving adoptive families, we provide vulnerable young people with a safe place to live, access to education and support, and we uphold children’s rights.

Now you can help

For our 275th anniversary, we’ve launched our campaign to stand up for today’s ‘invisible’ children, so that more people can get to hear about our work and help us continue to make a change for children and young people that lasts a lifetime.

We need you to spread the word by adding your name to the Coram pledge wall and encouraging your contacts, family and friends to do the same.

So please visit our pledge wall today - it only takes a minute to add your name - and a photo and short comment if you wish.

Once you’ve joined us, please spread the word by sending on an email to all your contacts, and sharing on Facebook and Twitter, so that many more people do the same.

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