Recovery after physical and emotional abuse

Find out about Milly and Joe and Coram Creative Therapies

Recovery after physical and emotional abuse

Milly was four years old and her brother Joe was six months when they were taken into care. Their birth parents’ alcoholism meant that the children were severely neglected, both physically and emotionally.

Coram found them new parents, Jan and Steve, who were very motivated to help the children after their difficult start in life.

Jan said: “Milly was fiercely independent and was used to having to look after Joe and carrying him around with her, so found it difficult to put him down and let us do the caring. Joe often woke at night, taking a long time to settle.

We needed the support of Coram to help us understand their behaviour.’

Coram arranged for Milly to receive music therapy from Coram to help her express her feelings. Nine months on, both children are doing well. Jan says:

“I’ll never forget the first time Milly came to sit on my lap and asked me to read her a story. For me, it wasn’t just acceptance, it was about Milly being able to be a child again.”


Case studies are real but names are changed and models used to protect confidentiality

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