What helps a newborn survive addiction?

Read how Coram Concurrent Planning helped Billy

What helps a newborn survive addiction?

“It was a few days before our older son’s birthday that we got a call about baby Billy.

“His birth mother suffered from substance misuse problems during pregnancy, so he had been in hospital. When we took him home, he couldn’t unclench his muscles and would lie rigid and stiff with his arms clamped to his body. He would often shake and couldn’t rest, waking up a lot and needing to be comforted. 

We were to care for Billy as his foster family whilst the courts decided his future - whether he should return to his birth family or be adopted.

Coram prepared us for the kinds of issues that can come up. When a birth relative of Billy’s put in an application to look after him, our Coram social worker told us we’d have support if the baby would have to leave us.

“When we were told we could adopt Billy, it was a big moment; we were now ‘Mummy and Daddy’.

“Billy is wonderful and we love him so much. He likes music and singing, and is very talkative. When he sees other children in their pushchairs, he calls out ‘Hiya bubba!’ He’s meeting all his milestones and is happy and healthy.

“To think that Billy might have had attachment problems, and that we have prevented this, is a great feeling. It’s not about getting a baby. It’s about giving a child a good start in life.”

Case studies are real but names are changed and models used to protect confidentiality

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