When does a hug last a lifetime?

Meet a family who came together through Coram Adoption

When does a hug last a lifetime?

“When we met our eldest son, it was long anticipated. We were given advice and guidance by our Coram social worker who said to let him take the lead, and not make the first move

“As we got to his foster house, we opened the door to the living room. He stopped playing, looked up at me and ran and jumped into my arms. I was taken aback, a bit stunned. I stood there frozen for a minute thinking, ‘what do I do?’.

“Then these big eyes and big smile greeted me and that broke the ice in an amazing way. It was really emotional - everyone was in tears.

“Coram has been fantastic. The after-care we have received has been excellent. They even helped us talk to our younger son’s school about his specific educational needs and get extra funding.

“There is something really exciting about having children who are not genetically yours because they have things in them that birth children don’t have.

“Our eldest son is really musical, where neither my husband nor I are. And our youngest is so athletic, he is the fastest child. It is like poetry in motion to watch him run. It is amazing to see that in a child and you know we didn’t give him that.

 “You don’t need lots of money or qualifications to be a good parent, just an open mind, a willingness to learn and the ability to love the children you care for.

“It can be extremely challenging but you can’t do much better than giving children a happy home and family life.”

Case studies are real but names are changed and models used to protect confidentiality

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