Where can children express pain?

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Where can children express pain?

“Our eldest son Kyle was three when he joined our family.

He’d grown up around drugs with a very chaotic and unpredictable lifestyle and he’d seen a lot of anger so he was still very anxious.

"He also had delayed speech which stopped him being able to express his feelings, so he would lash out in temper and get so upset that he’d actually frighten himself.

“Although Kyle had quickly formed a bond with his new dad, my husband John, he clearly felt quite unsure about me as his new mum. Sometimes he would simply shut down and ignore me. So our Coram social worker suggested that he might really benefit from Music Therapy at Coram, where he could experiment with communication.

“Music therapy was the turning point. He became much calmer and started asking for cuddles, which was lovely.  Being able to express himself with music led into expressing himself with words, so instead of shouting he’d say, ‘Kyle is sad, Kyle feels scared’.

“Today, we have a very special bond which has grown in a way that I could never have anticipated. He’s a very emotionally astute, empathetic boy, which is amazing. Despite being told that he wouldn’t have the same learning ability as other children, he’s just achieved Level 5s in his final year at primary school. When I was talking about how far he’s come the other day, he chirped up and said: ‘I think what you’re trying to say mum is that I’ve overcome a lot of hurdles in my life!’”

Case studies are real but names are changed and models used to protect confidentiality

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