Will adopted siblings find a home together?

Find out how Coram Adoption made it happen

Will adopted siblings find a home together?

“We adopted three children under seven, two girls and a boy. They had experienced many disruptions in their lives when they came to us, living in care in two different foster homes. They had been waiting for a permanent family for a long time.

"When three troubled children arrive on your doorstep, it’s going to be hectic. We knew their difficult start in life had affected their development, but Coram prepared us thoroughly for the kinds of challenges we might face, and arranged for us to meet other adopters who had already been through it.

“The children had been in care together, so adopting them together meant we could give them some sort of continuity. The truth is that we simply fell in love with them.

“The children had never had a proper routine before, so there were ups and downs as they settled in. You have to be patient and work through things.

“Watching the children’s progress has been so rewarding. Today we have three independent, capable teenagers who are interested and open-minded about the world around them. We are enjoying family life enormously."

Case studies are real but names are changed and models used to protect confidentiality

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