Will you help a child to recover from experiences of abuse?

Give children like Sheena the chance to put the past behind them

Will you help a child to recover from experiences of abuse?

Sheena grew up with parents who weren't able to care for her properly. Her attendance at school was very poor. And when she was there it was clear that she hadn't been washed and dressed properly.

When Sheena was 10 social workers learned that her much older brother had a temper and often became violent. At the same time, Sheena shared with the social workers that she had been sexually abused by her father. She was immediately taken into care.

Over the next two years Sheena moved around a string of residential care and foster homes. Her foster carers struggled to handle her challenging behaviour. Understandably, she didn’t trust adults easily. All the disruption in her life meant she was unable to focus at school and wasn’t able to share the hurt and confusion going on inside her.

Fortunately Sheena was introduced to Coram when she started attending a school for children with behavioural difficulties. She began attending weekly art therapy sessions. Through painting pictures and modelling with clay Sheena has been helped to come to terms with past trauma. The sessions have helped her to develop new ways to express her emotions.

Since starting her creative therapy sessions Sheena’s teachers have reported marked improvements in her behaviour and she has become much happier. She has even settled down in a new foster placement where she has been for the past six months.

Creative therapy offers vulnerable young children space and time to deal with the past. Children that have experienced abuse and neglect often find it hard to share their deepest emotions. Expressing themselves through music and art allows young people like Sheena to come to terms with difficult experiences and learn how to deal with them in a positive way.

Names, images and some details have been changed to protect the identity of children we help.

Will you help a child like Sheena today?

Creative therapy doesn’t cost the earth. It takes the time and commitment of trained professionals, some basic materials and a properly equipped space.

Our creative therapy work is hugely oversubscribed. There are many more vulnerable children who really need this support.

A gift from you could help give a child from a challenging background the chance to leave the past behind them and look towards a brighter future. 


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