Will you help Give a vulnerable child the chance of a happy life?

Give a young child like Haley the chance of a safe, loving family.

Hayley spent the first 18 months of her life in near total isolation; rarely fed, she was denied basic human contact, either left in her cot, or strapped into her pushchair, unable to move. She couldn’t stand up or even roll over. Hayley’s mother clearly struggled to look after her and so she was placed with foster carers whilst Coram tried to find a loving family for her.

Coram found Alison and Dave, a couple who had decided to adopt because they wanted to share their family with another child. Alison told us,

“The truth was we just had so much love to give and we wanted to complete our family and be able to bring a child who hadn’t had an easy life into a wonderful home.”

Having been through the exhaustive assessment process, Alison and Dave were matched with Hayley.

Initially Hayley was introduced slowly over a period of time. Throughout it all Coram supported Hayley, Alison, Dave and the rest of the family through this daunting transition.

“We had a lot of care and attention from our social worker at this point because it was obviously a huge transition. We were made to feel like we were the only adoptive family in the world.” - Alison

It was clear that the isolation that Hayley had suffered in her first 18 months had had a profound effect on her.  Even something as simple as being picked up was alien to her. I know it sounds strange, but she hadn’t had the chance to learn some things that we all take for granted.

By the age of two Hayley couldn’t walk or even stand up. She had had so little interaction with the world in her early life that she had to learn how to be picked up and how to be fed. Incredibly she was unable to show signs of physical pain.

Children like Hayley who have suffered neglect and abuse, need specialist support to overcome their trauma and to thrive in their new family. Coram is there every step of the way, providing parenting support classes, innovative creative therapy sessions, one-to-one emotional support as well as just being there on the other end of the phone to offer practical advice and a sympathetic ear.

Crucially Coram know that this vital support is needed not just for a few weeks or months, but potentially for years. That’s why they promise support that lasts a lifetime– so they can be there for an adopted child and their family whenever they need it, for as long as they need it.

Three years later and Coram is still supporting the family. However, the transformation in Hayley is extraordinary. She is five now and finishing her first year in school.  She has made friends and loves to run around and play.

Everybody needs somewhere to turn when times are hard. For Alison, Dave and Hayley, that place is Coram.

The work that Coram does is incredible – they literally transform lives. But every year thousands of babies and children are placed into care and need new families. Unfortunately many, like Hayley will have experienced neglect and abuse.

At the age of two, Hayley had barely felt a loving touch. But now, because of the support she and her new family received, she is on the road to being a happy, fun-loving child. Coram can only be there for children like Hayley because of kind, compassionate supporters like you.

So, please make your gift today, of whatever you can afford. It will literally change lives.