Will you help give a young person a way out of homelessness?

Give a young person like Sarah the chance to escape the dangers of life on the streets

Will you help give a young person a way out of homelessness?

Sarah was just 13 when she first ran away from home. She had suffered physical abuse from an older male relative and her relationship with her mum had broken down to the point where she no longer felt safe in her own home.

After living with other relatives and failed reconciliations with her mother, at 16 Sarah was faced with becoming homeless and so she approached her local authority who placed her in a hostel where all other residents were young men aged 19 and over. Sarah was both vulnerable and at risk.

One day Sarah was suddenly told she had to leave her hostel and was given no alternative accommodation. Once again Sarah was faced with the prospect of being homeless at just 16. Before Coram became involved Sarah kept being passed from service to service, organisation to organisation with no one actually helping her. 

Coram Voice assigned Sarah an advocate; someone who was an experienced in housing and young people’s rights. For the first time Sarah had someone to speak up for her. Coram Voice’s advocate helped secure Sarah emergency accommodation and assigned her a solicitor who ensured she was given the correct ‘care status’. This meant her local authority would correctly support her, providing her with accommodation and the financial and educational support she was entitled to.

Will you help give a young person like Sarah a way out of homelessness today?

Help in a time of crisis

Without the help of Coram Voice, Sarah believes she would still be struggling to get help and living in temporary accommodation. Since receiving support from Coram Voice, Sarah has completed an apprenticeship, has got a job and is living in a flat secured by her advocate.

Thanks to the support of our Outreach team Sarah is now safe, but there are many more young people like her who urgently need support. The Coram Voice Outreach team helps around 200 children and young people each year – not one of them is homeless by choice. Tragically many young people end up homeless because they have no means of ensuring they get the housing they are entitled to.

Each young person is given one-to-one support by the Outreach team. All members of the team are experts on children’s rights and helping young people through a housing crisis. The team member will listen carefully, assess their case and then spring into action - contacting solicitors and Social Services. They won’t rest until they’ve secured a young person a safe place to live.

Will you help a young person like Sarah today?

With your support today, Coram’s experienced Outreach team will fight to keep young people off the streets and make sure they get into safe, appropriate housing. Please will you help provide the one-to-one support that vulnerable children and young people like Sarah need to escape homelessness and take control of their future.

Case studies are real but names are changed and models used to protect confidentiality