Will you help a young person to escape homelessness this Christmas?

Watch Elizabeth talk about being young and homeless. Then read George's story below to see how your gift could help a young homeless person get a safe place to live this Christmas.

Homeless Outreach - Channel 4 news report:

At 16 years old, when arguments between George and his mother’s new partner became physical, he was thrown out of his family home.

Young homeless person huddled in doorway

He was told to leave and fend for himself – and to his credit he did everything he could to do just that. George managed to sleep on his friend’s sofas for a while, but soon he had run out of options and the authorities placed him in a hostel.

He tried to find work, but with very little money and no support he couldn’t look beyond day-to-day survival. Unable to pay the rent, George was evicted from the hostel. He found himself cold and frightened on the streets. Abandoned and alone - he was terrified, but felt he had nobody to turn to.

By making a Christmas gift today, you can help the children's charity Coram to be there for young people like George.

Coram’s Outreach Team went to him and provided him with practical support that helped him to get off the streets and living in the safe stable home he needed. There is no way George could have done this on his own – yet this is the situation so many young people find themselves in. Alone, frightened and with no idea who to turn to for help. 

You can help give a vulnerable young person a way out of homelessness

Coram's Christmas 2015 fundraisiing target is £47,000 - enough to help 100 young homeless people.I know you’ll be relieved that George is now safe, but I’m afraid that youth homelessness is rising. In recent years, the number of young people sleeping rough in London alone has more than doubled. If children and young people are to escape the terrifying prospect of life on the streets, they need somebody to stand up for them. I hope that you will agree to do just that, by making your Christmas donation today.

Demand for our help increases in the cold winter months. On average, it costs £470 to support one young person to get off the streets, out of the cold and away from danger. This Christmas, we need to raise £47,000 – enough to be there for 100 young homeless people, helping them to get a safe place to live and the support they need to turn their lives around. A gift of £25, £50 or even £100 would be a wonderful contribution towards this target.

Will you help us to be there for a young person like George?

Teenage boy in kitchen of new safe housingEach young person is given one-to-one support by the Outreach Team. All members of the team are experts on children’s rights and helping young people through a housing crisis. They will listen carefully, assess their case and then spring into action. They won’t rest until they’ve secured a young person a safe place to live.

With your support today, Coram’s Outreach Team will fight to keep young people off the streets and make sure they get into safe, appropriate housing. Please help the children's charity Coram to provide the support that young people like George need to escape homelessness and take control of their future. 



The Outreach Team is run by Coram Voice, our specialists in listening to and protecting vulnerable children and young people. Names, images and some details have been changed to protect the identity of the young people we help.

The film clip on this page was first published on 16 December 2014. Coram does not own any rights to this clip. All copyright reserved for Channel 4 News. A film transcript is provided for accessibility.