Ten ways your company can support us

There are a variety of ways for your company to support Coram's work with children and vulnerable young people.

Here are ten ideas from us. Let us know if there's something else you think your company could do to help children.

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94% of parents reported their child's emotional wellbeing improved after Creative Therapies

1. Direct support

We’ll work with you to identify a project for your company to invest in and to outline the impact this will have. You’ll receive progress reports to demonstrate the difference your investment is making.

2. Commercial partnerships

We can offer your company a way to make your product stand out from your competitors while supporting vulnerable children.

3. Employee fundraising

From apprentice-style challenges to rock concerts to national quiz tournaments we support companies in organising events their employees are proud to take part in.

4. Charity of the Year

If your company has a Charity of the Year, please consider nominating Coram.

5. Volunteering 

Teams of staff can volunteer for Coram by helping with gardening or painting or by working more directly with us. Volunteering is great for team building and gaining insight into the projects your company supports. 

“A heartfelt thank you for  yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and found it all so very moving and interesting. I couldn’t stop talking about it and have bought the London’s Forgotten Children book.” - Coram corporate volunteer Georgie Sayer from Colt Technological Services

6. Event sponsorship 

Coram hosts a range of exciting events throughout the year with sponsorship opportunities.

7. Payroll giving 

One of the most tax efficient ways of giving. If your employee is a basic rate taxpayer, a gift of £5 will only cost them £4. Many corporate partners generously choose to match their employees’ donations.

8. Gifts in Kind 

We have a list of good quality items we need at any one time, including products such as computers, paint and furniture.  We also welcome donations of venues for our events/meetings.

9. Pro-bono support/secondments 

If your company has expertise you think Coram could benefit from, or you could offer employees a secondment at Coram, please get in touch. 

10. Increasing awareness of Coram’s work

We’re keen for as many people as possible to see the Coram logo and understand our role in helping vulnerable children in London and across the UK.

To find out more about how your company can help us improve the lives of children, contact our Corporate team on 020 7520 0426 or at corporate@coram.org.uk

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