Culture and Leadership to Support Service Quality Throughout the UK

Dave Hill (Executive Director for People Commissioning, Essex County Council) talks about the importance of culture and leadership and the challenges of achieving permanency for children in local authority care at a Coram-i seminar.

Key points discussed in the presentation were:

  • The challenging financial and political context of social work
  • The importance of prevention and early intervention and systematic thinking, supported by teamwork
  • Conditions for success: including a robust theoretical underpinning, a well-articulated vision of service aims, a systems perspective, a clear map of available resources and manageable staff workloads, backed by effective support

Here is a recording of the presentation:

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Download the full presentation here.

Author Dave Hill, Executive Director for People Commissioning at Essex County Council
Publication Date Friday 13th November 2015

📄 Dave Hill 'Culture and Leadership to Support Service Quality Throughout the UK'