Our impact

Coram makes a demonstrable difference to the lives of more than one million vulnerable children, young people and families every year

For nearly 300 years since our establishment as The Foundling Hospital, we've been helping children and young people to develop their skills and emotional health, finding them permanent, loving homes, upholding their rights and creating change that lasts a lifetime.

In the past year*:

  • The Coram Group has provided direct support to nearly 145,000 children, young people, parents and carers, supported over 400,000 children and young people through our education and early years programmes, and provided online resources and specialist advice to millions of digital users of our services
  • We welcomed the Shakespeare Schools Foundation which runs the world’s biggest annual Shakespeare festival for young people 
  • We published Call for Change, our manifesto for policy makers and sector professionals, setting out the changes that we believe need to happen to make children’s rights and welfare a reality
  • We grew our regional adoption agency Coram Ambitious for Adoption, now delivering adoption services to eight London boroughs
  • We started work on the Story of Care: Voices Through Time programme which will see the digitisation of our historic archive from 1739, thanks to a £1.2m grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund

Vulnerable children smiling

Adoption and family support

  • Coram placed 100 children in adoptive families with another 100 matched with adopters through Adoption Activity Days
  • At least 830 children, young people, parents and carers were helped by Coram's ground-breaking art and music therapy to overcome complex and traumatic backgrounds

Education and early years

  • 420,500 children were supported by Coram Life Education's work in schools with 1,300 primary schools signing up for its free Back to School toolkit aimed at helping schools reopen after lockdown and develop pupils' skills for coping with uncertainty 
  • 93% of schools said Coram Beanstalk's reading helpers enabled one-to-one support that would be difficult to provide otherwise 
  • Coram Family and Childcare Parent Champions helped 6,500 more children before access early education
  • 93% of children from areas of high deprivation and Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) settings improved academically after working with Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation  

Rights and voice

  • As part of its work in upholding children's rights, our child law experts at Coram Children's Legal Centre handled more than 18,000 emails and calls on child, family and education law; the Legal Practice Unit opened nearly 900 cases for children and familes
  • LawStuff, the website that gives free legal information to children and young people had more than two million unique users, exceeding the Department for Education's target by more than 23,000
  • We improved the treatment of children in the EU settlement scheme through the work of our Migrant Children’s Project including helping some 200 children in care and care leavers to understand their rights to citizenship
  • Coram Voice directly helped nearly 4,000 children and young people through our advocacy, Independent Visitor, secure accommodation, complaints, and participation services
  • The total number of children in care and care leavers responding to Coram Voice's Bright Spots Programme surveys, which provide insight into how stigma around care affects them, reached over 10,000
  • 16,400 young people received digital and direct support from Always Heard’s advice line for children and young people in and on the edges of care 
  • The national writing competition for care-experienced young people, Voices, received more than 300 stories, poems and raps on the theme of 'Dreams'. A special late-entry category encouraged submissions about experiences related to Covid-19

Insight and innovation

  • We published our Call for Change, a manifesto for improving children’s lives including incorporating the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child into UK law
  • Coram International trained 400 professionals to support children across the world and delivered 27 projects in 34 countries aimed at protecting children's rights
  • 97% of respondents to CoramBAAF's members’ survey said they would recommend the national membership organisation for adoption and fostering professionals to a fellow professional

*Coram Digest, 2019/20 

Coram Digest 2019/20Read our 2019/20 Digest now



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