Future of Youth Programme

The Future of Youth Programme is a unique opportunity for young people aged 18-25 interested in research, health and social care, education, social policy, the third sector, and all issues affecting children and young people to use their skills and interests to give back.

The overarching aim of the Future of Youth programme is to identify emerging cultural, behavioural, and consumer trends in youth culture – and consider what the prevailing trends will be in ten years’ time.

We hope that this new insight, providing by research and learnings from staff, alongside the help of young people involved in the project and discussions led by them, will help us to prepare for the future and consider how our services will need to evolve to support the future’s children and young people.

The programme will act as a progression route for some of our most skilled alumni from our signature HALO programme, as well as an open opportunity for academic or practical young people with skills, knowledge or interest in the children’s sector to join us in leading the way in preparing for the future of youth.

They will each bring together knowledge from lived experience of services, providing existing services and research and insight from a young person’s perspective, to culminate in effective and far-reaching discussions about the issues that affect children and young people today and in the future.

The deadline to apply to be a Future of Youth Forum member for 2021 – 2022 is 30 November.

For more information, email Stephanie Butler at youthfutures@coram.org.uk.

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This does not have to be direct work with children. For example; a school project where you researched and wrote about the effects of social media on children and young people's mental health. You will be able to tell us more about this in the next few questions.
We want to know what motivates you to be a part of this programme and the skills you can bring, and how you would use those skills. You can talk about your experiences in your studies, your special interest relating to the topic of children and young people, any studies or projects you may have previously done relating to children and young people.
Furthermore, what do you think youth culture will look like in 10 years and what issues do you see arising and prevailing amongst the next generation of children and young people?
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