Giving up Marty by Karen Bartholomew

Giving up Marty by Karen Bartholomew

A charity performance for Coram.

Joel is found by his birth mum and sister. He’s only eighteen and scared. Identity means a lot, particularly to a teenager. His life is about to change forever.

Until now he’s just known Mum, Dad and his sister. Life is safe, settled and secure. Yes, he’s been curious about his origins but no more than that. As he turns eighteen, much to everyone’s surprise, it’s Martha, his birth mother and Melissa, his birth sister who come looking for him. The events that follow, leave Joel embroiled in a family history, that changes his life and identity forever.

There’s long been a fascination with blood ties and those broken, reunited and reshaped. Adoption reunion is epic and complex in nature and never easy, but it's this unease that needs to be heard. Giving Up Marty is a brand new play by Karen Bartholomew. Spare and gutsy, it takes no prisoners.

Ages: 14+

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Post-show discussion follows facilitated by John Simmonds, OBE, Director of Policy, Research and Development CoramBAAF

Motormouse Productions and Coram have been working together since 2018. Giving up Marty was first funded by the Arts Council England, Unity Theatre Trust, Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation and Kent County Council for its R+D work. Coram hosted our first rehearsed reading of the play and the feedback convinced us to continue towards full production.

The play for 2020 premieres at the Vault Festival, followed by a small-scale tour. Post-show discussions follow each performances and we are programmed for outreach work in Kent. We are absolutely delighted to return to Coram with a charity performance. This is our thank you to Coram for their support of the production and an opportunity to fundraise for their critical services for vulnerable children and families.

The tour has kindly been made possible by crowdfunding and support from the Arts Council England.


Watch the video to find out more about our collaboration with Motormouse Productions and why this play is so important.



Date Wednesday 25th March 2020, 18:30 - 21:30
Location Coram Campus, London
Price £10.00
Nearest Tube Russell Square or King's Cross

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