Happy ever after

When a vulnerable child is adopted, it can change the course of their life story, making happy ever afters possible.

At Coram, we are committed to finding vulnerable children loving and supportive homes where they will feel happy and loved.

In 2016, the Department for Education selected a drawing by a child adopted through Coram as its official Christmas card. The design by three-year-old Hayley, depicts her with her adoptive family, complete with a glittery Christmas tree and snowman.

Hayley and her family were thrilled that her card was chosen.

Child's drawing on a Christmas card

Message of joy

The following message printed on each card reads:

Hayley is three years old and was adopted through the voluntary adoption agency Coram in 2013. Hayley likes arts and crafts and singing songs, and lives with her mum and dad in South London. More information can be found here - www.coramadoption.org.uk

Making happy ever afters happen

Discover how Coram makes happy ever afters happen on our dedicated Coram adoption site.


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