Adoption Activity Days

Coram's Adoption Activity Days give prospective adopters the opportunity to interact with children in a safe, supported and fun environment.

Adoption Activity Days

They enable prospective parents to discover whether they feel an emotional connection with a child, rather than just relying on a written profile.

Activity Days are a unique means of family finding for those children deemed harder to place. They are delivered by specialist staff, who ensure that the children involved enjoy a fun and exciting day. 

"You can look at the picture and read the profile but to actually interact with them and see their personalities was a huge benefit" - parent participating in an Activity Day

Adoption Activity Days are supported by the Big Lottery's Reaching Communities Fund.

The benefits of Adoption Activity Days

View more moving stories on our Coram Youtube channel. 

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Read the experiences of two adopters who first met their children at an Adoption Activity Day:

“We attended an Adoption Activity Day in the North West. We’d read about a couple of children who we were interested in and were really pleased to learn that they were going to be featured at an Activity Day. 


"The day itself featured a host of different activities including games, face painting, and a soft play area. It was great to be able to interact with the children in different ways, to have a game of Connect 4 followed by some painting and drawing. It enabled us to learn more about the children’s interests and see what they were like in different environments. It was helpful to have the foster carers and children’s social workers on hand to ask for more information about the children. The day finished with a lunch, followed by a magic show where the children sat together, giving adopters an opportunity to reflect on the day’s events. There was also time afterwards for adopters to express an interest in children they’d met on the day.


"We felt a great attachment to the children we came to see and felt confident to progress the link further. Luckily the social workers felt similarly and the link has progressed to a match — we are now looking forward to introductions with our little ones! We felt far more assured while preparing for the matching panel after having first met the children at the Activity Day. We can’t recommend it to adopters highly enough.”


— R and C, Manchester-based adopters to be to siblings aged 8 and 7.

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Finding me a family

In 2017, Coram’s Adoption Activity Day team and all those supporting children waiting to find their forever family were the focus of Finding Me a Family, a two-part series starting on Channel 4.

You can view a seven-minute clip from the series here.

View more moving stories on our Coram Youtube channel. 

Reproduction by third parties is strictly forbidden. Please contact our Press Office with enquiries.

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Last year 20 Adoption Activity Days were held throughout England and Wales.

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If you're interested in finding out more about Activity Days, please contact our Activity Day Service Manager, Sally Beaumont at: or We would prefer to take email enquiries, but alternatively, you can call us on: 07740 745591 or 020 7520 0302. 

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