Coram Children's Legal Centre - upholding children's rights

Coram Children’s Legal Centre (CCLC) specialises in law and policy affecting children and young people.

Vulnerable child supported by Coram Children's Legal Centre

Promoting the rights of children in the UK and beyond

CCLC provides free legal information, advice and representation to children, young people, their families, carers and professionals, as well as international consultancy on child law and children’s rights.

A staff of lawyers and professionals, with experience in child law and funded by grants from central government and charitable trusts, help thousands of children, parents and carers every year.

Launched in 1981 as The Children’s Legal Centre, the charity amalgamated with Coram on the 1 September 2011.

The partnership of these two influential charities has brought together Coram’s social-work-led expertise and extensive reach to schools nationwide, and the legal experience of the Children’s Legal Centre in promoting the rights of children throughout the UK and beyond.

CCLC's services include:

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Coram International

Coram International is a research institution and consultancy specialising in issues relating to children’s rights around the world. Part of Coram Children's Legal Centre, it is staffed by child rights lawyers and socio-legal researchers. It has completed projects in more than 65 countries worldwide, and worked with organisations including UNICEF, UNDP, Plan International, IPPF, Save the Children, DFID, WarChild and CARE International.

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