Activity Days for Fostering

Activity Days for Fostering (ADFs) are a new way of finding families for looked-after children.

Activity Days for FosteringThey offer a supported, safe and fun opportunity for approved foster carers – and approved adopters who are also considering fostering on a permanency basis – to meet a range of children waiting for a permanent home. 

Just one day could help to change a child's life forever.

Making a connection

Each Activity Day is a themed event, full of child-centred play, activities and entertainment. They are designed to encourage positive interaction between children and prospective carers, so they can get to know one another. Activity Days for Fostering emphasise the importance of personal chemistry in human relationships.

We believe that they allow prospective carers and children the opportunity to make a connection that may otherwise have been overlooked by more traditional methods of family finding.

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How to join an Activity Day for Fostering

Foster carers who would like to attend an Activity Day for Fostering will need to be referred by their social worker or by another professional within the agency. Referrals are free of charge. There may be a charge for places once confirmed.

How do you refer a child for an Activity Day for Fostering?

To attend an Activity Day for Fostering, a child or sibling group must be referred by his or her social worker or by another professional within the agency. A written profile must also be submitted. Please do get in touch if you wish to make a referral.

Find out more

If you're interested in finding out more about Activity Days for Fostering, please contact Sally Beaumont, Activity Day Service Manager on 07740 745591, or email Or you can browse our Fostering events and information sessions.

Building on the success of Adoption Activity Days

Activity Days for Fostering build on the success of the now well-established Adoption Activity Days. At Coram we believe the 50,000 children currently in foster care also deserve well-matched placements where they feel settled and secure, and are able to achieve their full potential. Activity Days for Fostering will speed up and improve the matching process so children who do not have a plan of adoption have the same opportunities for finding permanence.

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