Helping gifted children achieve

The Tomorrow's Achievers programme provides specialist masterclasses for exceptionally able children in many parts of the country. It has supported 530 primary-aged children, providing bursaries to enable open access to disadvantaged children in the past year. 

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The courses can be booked by parents or schools and cover topics in ways that engage, stretch and challenge the most able students.

Topics include:

  • science
  • technology
  • coding
  • maths
  • philosophy
  • virtual reality
  • literature and the arts

We also run workshops for parents and carers of highly able children.

The benefits of Tomorrow’s Achievers masterclasses

Tomorrow’s Achievers Masterclasses have been described by many parents and professional experts as a life-changing experience for gifted children.

Children benefit from exposure to new and challenging projects. They meet kindred spirits and make friends. They can be themselves - their self-esteem is boosted and their zest for learning is rekindled as they rediscover the excitement and purpose of wanting to achieve.

What parents say about Tomorrow’s Achievers

Thank you so much for such a fantastic class on Saturday! Daisy wanted to come back on Monday! She was so happy and I have never seen her so engaged - finally I have found a class for her that stimulates her! – Mrs C

What children say about Tomorrow’s Achievers

It inspired me to try harder at challenging things because you really have to switch your brain on and make an effort. I don't have to try hard at school because it is so easy. For me, tricky equals fun. – Amity, 7 years

What teachers say about Tomorrow’s Achievers

I would certainly enrol children in a masterclass again. I feel it really stretches our more able children's thinking and abilities. – Primary school teacher, Telford

If you are a parent or teacher and you are interested in finding out more about Tomorrow’s Achievers or booking a masterclass please visit the Tomorrow’s Achievers website.

Visit the Tomorrow’s Achievers website


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