Our evaluation and research

Can you prove you are delivering the best possible outcomes for children? 

Our evaluations can help you:

  • See what’s working 
  • Improve service delivery
  • Make informed decisions
  • Find out how to have a more positive impact on children and young people’s lives. 

Our research and evaluation is of the highest quality and includes the voice of children and young people. We work in partnership with public sector, commercial, and third sector organisations to evaluate effectiveness and help improve practice.young boy with down syndrome painting

Our areas of specialism

The Coram Impact and Evaluation team are experts in data analysis, qualitative and quantitative research methods and participatory research with children, young people, parents and professionals. Between them, the team have decades of research experience.

We work with local authorities, government, businesses and third sector organisations. Our projects range in scale from thousands to hundreds of thousands of pounds, and in length from days to years.

Our research has been used to:

  • develop support, training and guidance for adopters and kinship carers
  • help improve provision of statutory services for disabled children and their families
  • develop new national policies and guidance to support children who are excluded from school
  • understand the first-hand experiences of children who are less heard and represented in research and policy

Take a look at our range of current and past projects to find out more about our research.

Our team

Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to discuss any knowledge gap that needs filling, and help you develop your goals.

Led by Dr Sarah Taylor, we have a wide range of expertise in a variety of research methods. Find out more about us on our meet the team page.  

Why choose us? 

We are uniquely placed to combine the voices of young people and professionals with rigorous and robust research and evaluation techniques.

As a team rooted in an organisation providing services for children and families within a diverse group of charities, we cover all aspects of childhood experience and the many different kinds of services they may receive.

We are research specialists carrying out research and evaluation in a range of fields and have access to multi-professional colleagues such as social workers, therapists, lawyers, and experts in the field of fostering and adoption. We also often carry out work in partnership with academics.

Coram is a group of children’s charities that work to create better chances for children. By choosing to work with us you are will be contributing to improving the lives of thousands of vulnerable children and young people every year. 

Get in touch

To commission research or evaluation work with us please contact the team on 020 7520 0316 or at impactandevaluation@coram.org.uk.

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