Outreach to disadvantaged BAME families

A key challenge in getting support to families when they most need it is to find ways to overcome the anxiety many parents have about asking for help.

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Coram has worked effectively in inner-city communities for many years, and aims to share what it has learnt about effective outreach to diverse populations.

Coram Ealing Children Centre Outreach Service

In 2009, the London Borough of Ealing commissioned Coram to provide an outreach service offering support, information and access to services to  families who cannot, or choose not, to come into children’s centres.The thinking was that effectively supporting the parents reduces the risk of social exclusion and improves outcomes for their children.

The service takes the form of group work and home-visiting in partnership with the council’s children’s ervices departments Jobcentre Plus, and community groups. Ealing Council has now taken it in-house though Coram still commissions its volunteering service.

The former Centre for Excellence and Outcomes in Children and Young People's Services (C4EO), validated the outreach service as an example of promising practice.

Exploring safeguarding needs of black and minority ethnic children (BAME) in Tower Hamlets

In 2010, Tower Hamlets' Local Safeguarding Children Board commissioned Coram to study strategies to meet the safeguarding needs of black and minority ethnic children in Tower Hamlets. Key findings included the need for ordinary services to be capable of dealing with families from other cultures culturally and explaining their role more clearly, and for specialist advice to service providers.

Hackney community cohesion study

Hackney Council undertook a review of what contributes to community cohesion in 2009. In case studies of two primary schools, Coram found that children, parents and teachers provided clear evidence of the positive role that schools can play to counteract the impact of deprivation and inequality in some of Hackney’s poorest communities, and build community cohesion among children and parents.

“Coram’s highly professional team worked well with children and teachers alike, producing a piece of high-quality research which drew on participatory methods tailor-made for our focus on diversity and cohesion in Hackney.”- Frances Winter, Policy Officer, London Borough of Hackney

To find out more, contact our Policy and Research team on 020 7520 0325 or at research@coram.org.uk

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