The Meaning of Permanence

Dr John Simmonds, OBE (Director of Policy, Research and Development) discusses how he has come to understand permanence and what it involves at a Coram-i seminar. Powerful research and examples are presented to highlight how this concept can be utilised to inform practice and decision-making when considering the needs of looked after children.

Key points discussed in the presentation were:

  • The significance of family networks, predictability and continuity as central to 'permanence' as a concept.
  • Research on the patterns of children who have long term stays in care and its negative impact.
  • The importance of trust in coping with discontinuity and continuity.

Here is a recording of his presentation:

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Download the full presentation here.

Author Dr John Simmonds OBE, Director of Policy, Research and Development
Publication Date Friday 13th November 2015

📄 The meaning of permanence