Coram adopters tell how life has changed since adopting

  • 5 August 2014

Paul discussed the difference in his two sons, who have quite contrasting personalities, he says:

“Our eldest is a bit more introverted, very thoughtful, very sensitive and the youngest is the complete opposite.” 

Paul says that they had heard about Coram and the work they do years before he had thought about adopting:

“I read about Coram in the press, quite a while back and it was a really positive story about the good work that Coram was doing.” Graham added, “I think it was just really professional, the whole experience that we had with Coram.” 


Paul and Graham describe the changes to their lifestyle that adopting their sons has brought, but agree that they would not change it for anything despite its challenges:

“It’s a really tough thing to adopt children, but it’s such an incredibly rewarding thing. We had a nice life before, it was calm and well managed. We went on nice holidays and to nice restaurants […]but we don’t miss it.”

Coram has been helping children find new parents for more than 40 years and is one of the largest voluntary adoption agencies in the UK.

We offer a lifetime of support to adoptive families at any time – parents and children alike are always welcome to contact us for advice and support, and can join in activities which range from social events to parenting courses.

Coram understands the challenges of children who have been in care and are highly experienced in helping new adoptive families adjust and enjoy their new lives. As a result we have a success rate of close to 100%, making us one of the most effective adoption agencies in the UK.