National Adoption Week – Almost half of children waiting for adoption have a brother or sister

  • 31 October 2014

The figures, released by the British Association for Adoption & Fostering (BAAF) for National Adoption Week (3-9 November), highlight the need for more people to consider adopting children with their brothers or sisters.

Coram has decades of expertise in supporting families who are adopting more than one child. Over a quarter of the children we found new adoptive homes for last year were siblings.

Jeanne Kaniuk OBE, Coram’s Managing Director of Adoption, said:

“It is in the very best interests of most sibling groups to remain together and grow up in a family who appreciate the importance of their bonds.

“Bringing up brothers and sisters has proven to be such a rich and rewarding experience for our adoptive families. 

 “Coram supports dozens of families adopting siblings each year and we remain in their lives, guiding them through placement and beyond for as long as they need us.

“Children in care experience a huge amount of change and disruption, but the stability and love of the right family environment can help them recover from the past and feel safe again.”

Coram welcomes enquiries from prospective adopters who are single or in a committed relationship, of all faiths and backgrounds and to people of all ages upwards of 21.

Julia is the mother of two siblings she adopted through Coram over ten years ago

“We adopted a girl then aged three and a half, and a boy aged 20 months. We couldn’t believe how lucky we were to be allowed to look after these gorgeous, bright children who brought us such joy. 

“We always wanted to adopt siblings as we knew we wanted more than one child. We wanted an ‘instant’ family without the need to go through the adoption process twice, and we thought it might be easier for the children if they had a brother or sister who moved with them. I think that was the case.

“The children had always lived together and were a very close unit, they gave each other comfort. In fact they have remained very close to this day.  Yes they squabble now, just like most siblings, but for a long time they were each other’s best friend.”

Click here to read Julia’s full blog on adopting her two children.

Coram adoption services and information events 

Coram’s adoption services cover North, central and South London, Cambridgeshire and East Midlands. The charity also offers a scheme called Concurrent Planning which offers stability to babies in care. Coram is holding a series of information events for people to find out more about adoption during and after National Adoption Week. 

Coram Adoption London Russell Square/Kings Cross, London Saturday 1 November

Coram-Harrow adoption partnership Find out about adoption from a Muslim perspective, Harrow Central Mosque, Friday 7 November

Coram Adoption North London Finchley, London, Monday 10 November,

Coram Adoption South London Battersea Library, Wednesday 12 November

Coram Adoption East Midlands Shepshed, Tuesday 25 November

• Coram Cambridgeshire Adoption Cherry Hinton Road, Cambridge, Tuesday 4 November

For more information about adopting through Coram, visit the adoption section of Coram’s website. Coram is known for its success in finding adopters for children who may typically wait longer for adoption and welcomes enquiries from:

• Single people, married couples and couples in committed, long-term relationships

• People from different ethnicities and religions

• People who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) or heterosexual.

• People without children and those who are parents already

• Homeowners or those in rented accommodation

• People over the age of 21, who are UK residents and hold no criminal convictions against children 

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