One song from Thomas Coram's playlist

In 1749, the composer George Frideric Handel went to a meeting of the governors of the new Foundling Hospital, where the problem of raising money to complete the chapel was discussed.

Portrait of HandelThe minutes record the composer’s proposal, readily agreed by the governors: 

Mr Handel being present and having generously and charitably offered a performance of vocal and instrumental music to be held at this Hospital, and that the money arising therefrom should be applied to the finishing the chapel of the Hospital.

Handel’s concert included the Foundling Hospital Anthem, Blessed are they that considereth the poor, which he composed specially for the concert, to be sung by the foundling children. The Prince and Princess of Wales attended, ensuring that the concert was a society event too. The chapel and church music were literally and spiritually at the centre of Thomas Coram’s plan for the hospital, and fundraising concerts were crucial fundraising events.

Thomas Coram's playlist

As part of our 275 anniversary celebrations we've created a playlist of more music that Thomas Coram would probably have heard or that reflects his interests and concerns at the hospital and beyond.

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