Delancey’s partnership with Coram began in 2017 with a generous donation to our health and wellbeing service, Coram Life Education (CLE), helping to build capacity and increase reach.

Delancey has been working closely with Coram to pioneer a shift from CLE’s mobile classroom (or LifeBus) transitioning to the LifeBox model – a portable alternative which will enable CLE to extend its reach and become more cost efficient.

Delancey’s support is instrumental in implementing this change and comes at a pivotal time in CLE’s development, making expansion possible and enabling Coram to reach even more children in the UK.

As well as helping to fund growth, Delancey have proved their commitment to this project by organising a creative brainstorm and inviting their contacts along to a session to discuss the best way to transition to this new model of CLE.

Delancey is an award-winning specialist real estate investment, development and advisory company with over 25 years’ experience in retail, residential and commercial activities across London and the UK. Collaborating on a wide range of assets, partners and clients, Delancey is recognised for its innovative and diverse approach to creating long term value from real estate. Delancey also advises clients on appropriate capital structures and financing, and provides asset management and development services.

"Delancey is delighted to be working closely with Coram, the UK's oldest children's charity which help to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children across the UK. We are thrilled to support the transition of CLE's mobile classroom to a more portable LifeBox model and believe this shift will enable more schools to be able to access to their health education programmes." - Jamie Ritblat, Founder and CEO. 

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