Policy and impact

It is a key element of Coram’s mission to develop and promote best practice in support of vulnerable children, young people and their families.

two children smiling leaning against a treeAs part of this we carefully evaluate our own services and share the results. We also carry out participatory research with the people who work in children’s services, parents, young people and children themselves. Their insights allow us to develop a unique understanding of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to helping vulnerable children.

Coram also provides consultancy to local authorities and other organisations for service improvement, needs assessment, research and evaluation. We are supported by the Esmeé Fairbairn Foundation and are a strategic partner to the Department for Education.

Call for Change 2020

Children and young people have too little say in their own future. Their voices often go unheard. We are calling on politicians and other relevant partners to make children's interests a priority.

Coram's Call for Change 2020-22 sets out realistic proposals for change to policy, law and practice, to make children's needs and welfare a priority.

There are six key areas where change is needed, to transform lives and create better chances for children:

  • Rights and Justice
  • Security for All
  • Advocacy and Voice
  • Families and Early Years
  • Education
  • Best Practice

Read our Call for Change

Over the lifetime of the Call for Change, Coram will work with all relevant partners - ministers, parliamentarians, civil servants, local government professionals, NGOs - to advance children's interests by shaping policies that work in their interests. 

If you've read our Call for Change and believe there is an opportunity to work together to make a difference, please email us at callforchange@coram.org.uk


Photos in this section are posed by models to protect confidentiality unless otherwise stated.

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