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    Coram Safeguarding Policy and Procedures July 2021

    Charity overview | Monday 23rd August 2021 | Coram Group Head of Quality Assurance and Safeguarding | 7 Downloads

    This safeguarding policy and associated procedures set out Coram’s commitment to ensure that the safety and welfare of children and adults at risk is paramount.

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    Call for Change

    Charity overview | Wednesday 11th March 2020 | Coram | 144 Downloads

    For too long, children's interests and voices have been neglected in our politics. We call on the UK Parliament to urgently make children's needs and welfare a priority.

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    Respected and Protected: securing a better future for all children

    Charity overview Young people | Saturday 20th January 2018 | Coram | 312 Downloads

    Respected and Protected highlights some of the issues faced by children today.

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    Three centuries of creating change for children: Coram Group Digest 2016-17

    Annual Review Charity overview | Thursday 22nd June 2017 | Coram | 94 Downloads

    This year, Coram benefited more than one million children, families and professionals. Work also started on building The Queen Elizabeth II Centre, which will open in 2018 as we celebrate the 350th anniversary of the birth of Thomas Coram, our founder and key historic champion of children’s rights.

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    Changing children’s lives: Coram Group Digest 2015-2016

    Annual Review Charity overview Evaluation | Thursday 30th June 2016 | Coram | 26 Downloads

    Today, 275 years after Thomas Coram’s Foundation for Children became the UK’s first children’s charity, Coram is a group of specialist charities, still dedicated to creating better chances for children.

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    You can transform a child's life

    Charity overview | Wednesday 23rd December 2015 | You can transform a child's life | 55 Downloads

    Since our early days Coram has been at the forefront of children’s support and care. The compassion and principles that drove Coram’s work are upheld by the charity today. We stand up for and help the most vulnerable and at-risk children in society.

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    Adopters life storybooks research

    Charity overview | Thursday 30th July 2015 | Coram and Debbie Watson, University of Bristol | 874 Downloads

    This research, conducted jointly between the UK children’s charity Coram and the University of Bristol, aims to address the absence in the academic literature of adopters’ perspectives on their children’s life storybooks.

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    Coram Voice Impact Report 2014-2015

    Charity overview | Thursday 16th July 2015 | Coram Voice | 99 Downloads

    During 2014-2015, Coram Voice supported 3,719 children and young people to get their voices heard, challenge things they were unhappy with, and access what was rightfully theirs. Read more about the young people we work with in this report.

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    Coram Impact Summary 2015

    Charity overview | Thursday 25th June 2015 | Coram | 71 Downloads

    Coram aims to ensure that every child has the best possible chance in life. We work to create change that lasts a lifetime. We do this by championing what matters most for children in policy and practice and providing sustained services which strive for excellence. The Impact Summary talks about how Coram achieves this.

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    Coram Charter for Children 2015

    Charity overview | Thursday 25th June 2015 | Coram | 73 Downloads

    Coram believes that by 2040 when we celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Act of Parliament which gave birth to children’s social care, it is possible for us together to ensure that every child in our society can have the best possible chance in life. Our Charter for Children sets out to achieve this in various ways.