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    Helping your child to sleep

    Adoption Creative Therapies | Tuesday 26th November 2019 | Kent Post Adoption Support Team (PAST) | 161 Downloads

    Sleep difficulties occur in approximately 48-70% of adopted children compared to roughly 25% of the general child population. We have put together this booklet which includes information about why adopted children may be more vulnerable to sleep difficulties and some of the strategies that families have found useful with their child or young person.

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    Think Siblings: findings from a national survey of adopters

    Adoption | Tuesday 18th September 2018 | Hannah Lawrence | 93 Downloads

    Coram’s Impact and Evaluation team created an online survey for adopters in January 2017. The survey link was sent to adopters via Adoption UK, Coram and First4Adoption. There were 414 responses. All English regions were represented in the survey along with respondents living in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. This report presents the findings from the survey.

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    Think Siblings Project: Final Report

    Adoption | Thursday 6th September 2018 | Lauren Butcher and Dr Helen Upright, Coram Cambridgeshire Adoption Sibling Project March 2018 | 221 Downloads

    The Think Siblings Project: Final Report is a resource for social work practitioners comprising a literature review and research with practical tools for their everyday work

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    Coram's Autumn Newsletter

    Adoption Concurrent Planning Creative Therapies Young people | Wednesday 5th October 2016 | 97 Downloads

    Coram's Autumn Newsletter with the latest news, events and updates.

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    Coram Capital Adoption - An approach to regionalisation

    Adoption | Tuesday 20th October 2015 | 249 Downloads

    Coram Capital Adoption is an exciting partnership between a growing group of London local authorities and Coram’s successful independent adoption agency.

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    Adoption Support Services Information

    Adoption | March 2015 | Coram | 59 Downloads

    Coram recognises that whilst adoption can be incredibly rewarding for parents, it also comes with challenges. We offer tried and tested adoption support which is tailored to the needs of each parent

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    Concurrent Planning leaflet

    Adoption Concurrent Planning | Tuesday 1st July 2014 | Coram | 1007 Downloads

    Coram's Concurrent Planning places babies and children under two years old with concurrent carers while plans for their future are being decided by the family courts

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    Adoption and Permanent Families leaflet

    Adoption Concurrent Planning Parents and carers | Monday 30th June 2014 | Coram | 153 Downloads

    Coram’s Adoption and Permanent Families Service is one of the largest independent adoption agencies in the UK working in and around London, East Anglia and the East Midlands

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    Coram Adoption East Midlands Ofsted report

    Adoption Ofsted | Friday 29th November 2013 | Ofsted | 39 Downloads

    Coram Adoption East Midlands is a branch of Coram, an independent adoption agency whose main office is based in Central London. It recruits, prepares and approves adopters for domestic adoption only, within approximately one hour’s travelling distance of the office base in Shepshed, Leicestershire

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    Coram Adopt Anglia Ofsted report

    Adoption Ofsted | Friday 8th November 2013 | Ofsted | 27 Downloads

    Coram Adopt Anglia, located in Cambridge, is a branch of Coram, an independent adoption agency whose main office is based in Central London. It recruits, prepares and approves adopters for domestic adoption only, within a 50 mile radius of Cambridge. It supports adoptive families once a child is placed with them and also provides post-adoption support to families and children