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    Autism is a superpower

    Young people | Wednesday 16th September 2020 | Poppy Thorne | 30 Downloads

    Autism is a Superpower by Poppy Thorne is a creative and interactive booklet designed for young people with autism and ADHD to better understand how their brain works and why their everyday perceptions might be different from their peers.

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    Call for Change

    Charity overview | Wednesday 11th March 2020 | Coram | 80 Downloads

    For too long, children's interests and voices have been neglected in our politics. We call on the UK Parliament to urgently make children's needs and welfare a priority.

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    Young people’s views on knife crime

    Policy responses | Thursday 19th December 2019 | Olivia Michelmore, Hannah Lawrence, Emma Borjes and Sarah Taylor | 32 Downloads

    Tackling knife crime is a key issue facing UK policymakers and has been covered extensively by the media.

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    Helping your child to sleep

    Adoption Creative Therapies | Tuesday 26th November 2019 | Kent Post Adoption Support Team (PAST) | 103 Downloads

    Sleep difficulties occur in approximately 48-70% of adopted children compared to roughly 25% of the general child population. We have put together this booklet which includes information about why adopted children may be more vulnerable to sleep difficulties and some of the strategies that families have found useful with their child or young person.

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    Keynote speech by Sir James Munby (Coram permanence event, Nov 2019)

    Fostering for Adoption | Monday 25th November 2019 | 0Download

    What is permanence? The lawyer’s first reaction is probably to think of the different legal frameworks by which we seek to achieve permanence. But that is to miss what I suggest is the bigger picture. I want to focus instead on the definition used in Guidance for the Children Act 1989:

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    'Creating Belonging' - John Diamond, CEO of Mulberry Bush (Coram permanence event, Nov 2019)

    Fostering for Adoption | Monday 25th November 2019 | 0Download

    I would like to thank Renuka and the Coram Team for inviting me to speak at this event. The Mulberry Bush is a national charity which runs the MBS in Oxfordshire and extended community services. Clearly residential care is not about creating permanence but it has an important role of preparing children for permanence, by providing children with a sense of belonging through: 1. Stability of placement 2. Opportunities for internalising good individual and group relationships (social /emotional and educational learning) 3. Daily experiences with a highly trained and well supported staff group

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    Young people helping others: Evaluation of the HALO programme of help, advice and legal opportunity

    Young people | Monday 4th November 2019 | Hannah Lawrence and Zhulen Ali | 36 Downloads

    Coram's HALO programme gives 16 to 25-year olds the opportunity to help other children and young people.

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    Data Visualisation in Children's Social Care

    Evaluation Professionals Sharing learning Young people | Thursday 4th July 2019 | Renuka Jeyarajah-Dent | 110 Downloads

    New research published today by Coram demonstrates the enormous potential of data visualisation to improve decision-making and performance in children’s social care.

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    Annual report and consolidated accounts 2018-19

    Annual Review | June 2019 | Coram | 16 Downloads

    Over the last year, the Coram Group of charities has transformed the lives of more children, young people, parents and professionals than ever before.

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    Rights without Remedies seminar: full speech by Sir Keir Starmer

    Policy responses | Thursday 9th May 2019 | 59 Downloads

    Sir Keir Starmer QC MP, the Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, has lamented that the government made ‘a political choice’ not to transpose the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, with its explicit commitment to the fundamental rights of the child, into domestic law under the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018. He also joined Coram in calling for the full incorporation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) into UK law, at our Rights without Remedies seminar held at Coram on 2nd May 2019.