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    Innovation in Social Care Assessments for Disabled Children and Young People (2017)

    Evaluation | July 2022 | Hannah Lawrence and Rebecca Bellew, Coram | 0Download

    As part of the Department for Education’s Social Care Innovation Programme Coram was commissioned by the Council for Disabled Children to evaluate the effectiveness of their programme to co-design new approaches to assess disabled children for statutory and non-statutory support. The programme involved five local authorities who tested new approaches with the aim of creating a more efficient and proportionate system for families.

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    Evaluation of Coram Beanstalk’s reading support programmes (2022)

    Evaluation | Wednesday 18th May 2022 | Emma Borjes, Emily Blackshaw, Hannah Lawrence, and Sarah Taylor | 31 Downloads

    Coram Beanstalk’s programmes seek to improve children’s lives through reading support so that their risk of long-term disadvantage and the negative consequences of illiteracy are reduced.

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    Coram Family and Childcare Survey 2022

    Parents and carers | Tuesday 22nd March 2022 | Lester Coleman, Sam Shorto and Dalia Ben-Galim | 326 Downloads

    Coram Family and Childcare’s 21st annual Childcare Survey finds that parents are now paying 2.5% more for childcare for children under two; 2% more for children aged two; and 3.5% more for 3–4-year-olds than they were a year ago.

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    Activity Days for Fostering evaluation report

    Fostering for Adoption | Monday 14th March 2022 | Vanessa Patel, Emily Blackshaw, Daniel Stern, Sarah Taylor | 2 Downloads

    Since 2016, Coram has run eight Activity Days for Fostering in England, three of which were pilot events

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    Read our 2022 Spring Newsletter

    Coram Newsletter | Wednesday 9th March 2022 | Coram | 13 Downloads

    This Spring’s edition of the Coram Newsletter focuses on how work across the Coram Group continues to champion children and young people. It details how we are fighting for their rights and to give them the opportunities they need to thrive.

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    Rights and remedies: safeguarding young people and their learning

    Young people | Friday 4th March 2022 | Coram | 10 Downloads

    Coram reports on how best to empower families in the face of school exclusion.

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    Coram Annual Report and Consolidated Accounts 31 March 2021

    Annual Review Charity overview | Thursday 27th January 2022 | Coram | 12 Downloads

    Find out how the UK's oldest children's charity Coram continued to create better chances for children during a period of risk for children unseen since the Second World War

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    The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on care leavers’ well-being (2022)

    Sharing learning Young people | December 2021 | Anita Chandra, Sarah Taylor, Sam Shorto, Vanessa Patel, Lizzie Gilbert Coram Impact & Evaluation Team | 6 Downloads

    In this follow-up report to What Makes Life Good (2020), we examined how the views of care leavers in England on their well-being have changed, or not, in light of the pandemic. We compared the pre-pandemic data from 1,804 care leavers aged 16-25 in ‘What Makes Life Good’ to newer data from 2,476 care leavers in 2020 to 2021, since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. This analysis of Coram Voice’s Your Life Beyond Care survey was enabled by funding from the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

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    Evaluation of the use of objects in social work (2022)

    Evaluation | December 2021 | Vanessa Patel. Sarah Taylor, Lizzie Gilbert, Coram Impact & Evaluation Team | 3 Downloads

    We carried out an evaluation of the use of objects in social work, gathering feedback from social workers and practitioners involved in Coram’s ‘objects in social work’ experimental groups. The groups were run by emeritus professor Mark Doel between March 2021 and October 2021 in Sheffield, London and New York. The use of objects in conversations aims to enable social workers, and children and young people themselves, to better understand their life stories and their support needs. We observed the experimental groups and held one-to-one interviews with 11 experimental group attendees and Mark Doel, to hear about their experiences of using objects in social work and of taking part in the groups.

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    Evaluation of Behaviour Outreach Support Service (2021)

    Evaluation | Wednesday 1st December 2021 | Sarah Taylor, Anna Ludvigsen, Daniel Stern, Lizzie Gilbert, Anita Chandra, Chloe Spencer-Dene, Emma Borjes, Vanessa Patel | 1Download

    Funded by What Works for Children’s Social Care, Coram carried out a mixed-methods pilot evaluation in academic year 2020/21 of a school-based Family Action intervention , designed and delivered by Family Action, called the Behaviour Outreach Support Service. Our plans for the evaluation were published in 2020. It aimed to help schools improve their support to pupils who display challenging behaviour. BOSS was delivered to 77 pupils aged 5 to 11, who have or have had a social worker, in eight primary schools in York. Our methods were: semi-structured interviews with pupils, parents, carers, teachers, BOSS staff and York council staff, administrative data collection and analysis, case files review, paper diaries completed by pupils, and an online survey for school staff.