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    Coram Life Education Programme Review

    Coram Life Education Young people | Wednesday 6th July 2016 | Coram Life Education | 154 Downloads

    This document gives a synopsis and a set of learning outcomes for each of Coram Life Education’s primary-age programmes (three to 11 year olds).

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    Changing children’s lives: Coram Group Digest 2015-2016

    Annual Review Charity overview Evaluation | Thursday 30th June 2016 | Coram | 25 Downloads

    Today, 275 years after Thomas Coram’s Foundation for Children became the UK’s first children’s charity, Coram is a group of specialist charities, still dedicated to creating better chances for children.

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    Preventing Unplanned Pregnancy and Improving Preparation for Parenthood for Care-Experienced Young People

    Professionals | Wednesday 17th February 2016 | Dr Debbie Fallon & Professor Karen Broadhurst of the Universities of Manchester and Lancaster on behalf of Coram. | 517 Downloads

    It is now widely acknowledged that care-experienced children and young people are at increased risk of poor life outcomes when compared to peers who have not spent time in a care setting. They are also at heightened risk of teenage pregnancy, which significantly increases the likelihood that these disadvantages will be transferred to the next generation.

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    You can transform a child's life

    Charity overview | Wednesday 23rd December 2015 | You can transform a child's life | 54 Downloads

    Since our early days Coram has been at the forefront of children’s support and care. The compassion and principles that drove Coram’s work are upheld by the charity today. We stand up for and help the most vulnerable and at-risk children in society.

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    Coram Voice - Advocacy and You

    Young people | Thursday 17th December 2015 | 476 Downloads

    Advocacy is about helping you to speak out about what is important to you. You have the right to have your say and be listened to when decisions are being made about you.

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    Coram Capital Adoption - An approach to regionalisation

    Adoption | Tuesday 20th October 2015 | 243 Downloads

    Coram Capital Adoption is an exciting partnership between a growing group of London local authorities and Coram’s successful independent adoption agency.

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    Improvement services

    Professionals | Friday 16th October 2015 | 20 Downloads

    Coram-i can work with your organisation to improve its performance in delivering permanence for looked after children. Find out about our Improvement Services in this leaflet

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    Legal Deep Dive

    Professionals | Friday 9th October 2015 | 26 Downloads

    This document sets out the details of potential partnership work between your local authority (LA) and Coram-i in relation to a ‘Legal Deep Dive’ of selected cases

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    Adoption Diagnostic Analysis

    Professionals | Friday 9th October 2015 | 23 Downloads

    This document describes the potential partnership work between your local authority and Coram-i, to build on good practice in adoption to facilitate early permanence for young children

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    Adopters life storybooks research

    Charity overview | Thursday 30th July 2015 | Coram and Debbie Watson, University of Bristol | 821 Downloads

    This research, conducted jointly between the UK children’s charity Coram and the University of Bristol, aims to address the absence in the academic literature of adopters’ perspectives on their children’s life storybooks.