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    My Space evaluation report

    Parents and carers Evaluation | Tuesday 9th September 2014 | Coram | 41 Downloads

    Coram evaluated Welcare’s My Space, a project developed by Against Violence and Abuse (AVA) and delivered by Welcare in Bromley, London. The project worked with 7-11 year olds who had been identified as having behavioural and emotional problems and also had experienced domestic violence at home.

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    Concurrent Planning leaflet

    Adoption Concurrent Planning | Tuesday 1st July 2014 | Coram | 916 Downloads

    Coram's Concurrent Planning places babies and children under two years old with concurrent carers while plans for their future are being decided by the family courts

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    Adoption and Permanent Families leaflet

    Parents and carers Adoption Concurrent Planning | Monday 30th June 2014 | Coram | 150 Downloads

    Coram’s Adoption and Permanent Families Service is one of the largest independent adoption agencies in the UK working in and around London, East Anglia and the East Midlands

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    Relative Experience North East Pilot: final evaluation report

    Evaluation | June 2014 | Dr Roland Marden and Rebecca Bellew, Policy Research Team, Coram | 40 Downloads

    This report represents findings of an independent evaluation of the Relative Experience North East pilot kinship carer support programme, delivered by Grandparents Plus, Family Lives and the Family and Childcare Trust and funded by the Silver Dreams Fund administered by the Big Lottery Fund.

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    Changing Lifestyles, Keeping Children Safe: FDAC in care proceedings

    Family Drug and Alcohol Court | May 2014 | Professor Judith Harwin, Dr Bachar Alrouh, Mary Ryan and Jo Tunnard | 193 Downloads

    Launched in January 2008, the Family Drug and Alcohol Court is a new way of dealing with care proceedings when parental substance misuse causes harm to children

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    Outcomes of Coram Concurrent Planning: Summary of findings

    Concurrent Planning | Tuesday 25th March 2014 | Sophie Laws, Rebecca Bellew and Rebekah Wilson, Coram Policy and Research Team | 515 Downloads

    Coram is the only specialist centre for concurrent planning practice in the UK and has undertaken a study to examine the social, emotional and educational outcomes for the children who have reached permanency through the scheme.

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    Coram Review 2014

    Annual Review Charity overview | Monday 9th December 2013 | Coram | 260 Downloads

    Coram, the first children’s charity, has been creating better chances for children for more than 270 years. During the past year, the Coram group of charities helped more than a million children, young people and families

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    Coram Adoption East Midlands Ofsted report

    Adoption Ofsted | Friday 29th November 2013 | Ofsted | 34 Downloads

    Coram Adoption East Midlands is a branch of Coram, an independent adoption agency whose main office is based in Central London. It recruits, prepares and approves adopters for domestic adoption only, within approximately one hour’s travelling distance of the office base in Shepshed, Leicestershire

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    Coram Adopt Anglia Ofsted report

    Adoption Ofsted | Friday 8th November 2013 | Ofsted | 26 Downloads

    Coram Adopt Anglia, located in Cambridge, is a branch of Coram, an independent adoption agency whose main office is based in Central London. It recruits, prepares and approves adopters for domestic adoption only, within a 50 mile radius of Cambridge. It supports adoptive families once a child is placed with them and also provides post-adoption support to families and children

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    Coram Voice impact report

    Charity overview | November 2013 | Coram Voice | 60 Downloads

    In the UK today, there are over 67,000 children and young people reliant on the state for their care and wellbeing, with 360,000 more needing some level of support from children's services. Coram Voice provides children with a professional adult who will listen to them, establish their wishes, opinions and fears, and work with the child and the system to ensure the child's voice is heard