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    Transforming children's lives through Creative Therapies

    Creative Therapies | March 2015 | Coram | 161 Downloads

    Coram works with children who have experienced difficulties, and who, as a result, are often unable to understand or explain their feelings. Creative Therapy provides a safe place where children can explore how to communicate using art, music and play

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    Adoption Support Services Information

    Adoption | March 2015 | Coram | 59 Downloads

    Coram recognises that whilst adoption can be incredibly rewarding for parents, it also comes with challenges. We offer tried and tested adoption support which is tailored to the needs of each parent

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    Coram Fostering Service Ofsted report

    Concurrent Planning | Friday 27th February 2015 | Ofsted | 46 Downloads

    Coram, the UK's first children's charity has been offering better life chances for children since 1739. The fostering service provides concurrent planning for children who are subject to care proceedings and where in the view of the courts and past history there is a likelihood that children will need a permanent placement outside the birth family. The aim of the project is to prevent drift and delay in achieving permanence for these children and to reduce placement moves.

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    Leave us a gift in your Will - codicil form

    Charity overview | Friday 6th February 2015 | Coram | 22 Downloads

    Leaving a gift in your Will is a particularly personal way to make a lasting difference to a cause you care about

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    The Door is Closed

    Young people | Monday 15th December 2014 | Coram Voice | 133 Downloads

    Children are becoming homeless as a result of local authorities' failures, according to children's charity Coram Voice

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    Coram Voice impact report 2013 - 2014

    Charity overview Young people | October 2014 | Coram Voice | 29 Downloads

    In the UK today, there are over 68,000 children and young people reliant on the state for their care and wellbeing, with 378,600 more needing some level of support from children's services. Coram Voice provides children with a professional adult who will listen to them, establish their wishes, opinions and fears, and work with the child and the system to ensure the child's voice is heard.

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    Leaving a gift to Coram: Your questions answered

    Charity overview | September 2014 | Coram | 13 Downloads

    When you draw up your Will you can specify a list of those whom you wish to benefit, by how much and in what way. At this point, you may also consider leaving Coram a share of the residue that is left over once all major gifts have been made.

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    Parent Champions final report

    Evaluation Parents and carers | Tuesday 9th September 2014 | Coram | 116 Downloads

    Coram evaluated Family and Childcare Trust’s Parent Champions programme aimed at encouraging the use of early years services and particularly the take-up of available childcare. The programme involved volunteers acting as Parent Champions talking to parents in the community signposting them to services.

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    My Space evaluation report

    Evaluation Parents and carers | Tuesday 9th September 2014 | Coram | 42 Downloads

    Coram evaluated Welcare’s My Space, a project developed by Against Violence and Abuse (AVA) and delivered by Welcare in Bromley, London. The project worked with 7-11 year olds who had been identified as having behavioural and emotional problems and also had experienced domestic violence at home.

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    Concurrent Planning leaflet

    Adoption Concurrent Planning | Tuesday 1st July 2014 | Coram | 994 Downloads

    Coram's Concurrent Planning places babies and children under two years old with concurrent carers while plans for their future are being decided by the family courts