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    Coram Adopt Anglia Ofsted report

    Adoption Ofsted | Friday 8th November 2013 | Ofsted | 26 Downloads

    Coram Adopt Anglia, located in Cambridge, is a branch of Coram, an independent adoption agency whose main office is based in Central London. It recruits, prepares and approves adopters for domestic adoption only, within a 50 mile radius of Cambridge. It supports adoptive families once a child is placed with them and also provides post-adoption support to families and children

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    Coram Voice impact report

    Charity overview | November 2013 | Coram Voice | 62 Downloads

    In the UK today, there are over 67,000 children and young people reliant on the state for their care and wellbeing, with 360,000 more needing some level of support from children's services. Coram Voice provides children with a professional adult who will listen to them, establish their wishes, opinions and fears, and work with the child and the system to ensure the child's voice is heard

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    The Family Drug and Alcohol Court Care Proceedings

    Family Drug and Alcohol Court | Monday 3rd June 2013 | Steve Bambrough, Mike Shaw & Sophie Kershaw. Journal of Social Work Practice | 1040 Downloads

    Launched in January 2008, the Family Drug and Alcohol Court (FDAC) is a new way of dealing with care proceedings when parental substance misuse causes harm to children. In this article, three professionals from the Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust, who have been instrumental in developing the FDAC clinical model, discuss the background to this project

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    Family Lives befriending pilot: final evaluation report

    Sharing learning Professionals Evaluation | Saturday 1st June 2013 | Roland Marden, Rumi Rabindrakumar and Sophie Laws | 39 Downloads

    Coram offers specialist consultancy evaluation services to a variety of institutions providing research and policy analysis, support for service evaluation, and participatory research with children, young people, parents and staff

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    Community cohesion through schooling

    Sharing learning Professionals Evaluation | Saturday 1st June 2013 | Dr. Kairika Karsna, Dr. Sophie Laws and Jaspreet Hayre | 32 Downloads

    Coram has worked effectively in inner-city communities for many years, and aims to share what it has learnt about effective outreach to diverse populations

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    Fostering for Adoption: Practice Guidance

    Sharing learning Adoption Professionals Fostering for Adoption | Saturday 1st June 2013 | John Simmonds, British Association for Adoption and Fostering | 2671 Downloads

    Fostering for Adoption is a Department for Education (DfE) scheme aimed at ensuring that more children can be placed with their potential permanent carers on a fostering basis while the local authority seeks a placement order from the courts

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    Fostering for Adoption leaflet for carers

    Parents and carers Adoption Fostering for Adoption | Saturday 1st June 2013 | John Simmonds, British Association for Adoption and Fostering | 3062 Downloads

    Fostering for Adoption aims to place children with their forever family as soon as possible when they cannot live with their birth parents or other family members

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    Thomas Coram Foundation for Children Ofsted report

    Adoption Ofsted | Thursday 7th March 2013 | Ofsted | 35 Downloads

    Coram is a independent adoption agency, registered to provide domestic adoption services and adoption support services. The London office support team is serving adopters within a 35 mile radius of central London north of the river Thames, as well as 10 mile radius of central London south of the river Thames

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    What Works in Achieving Adoption for Looked After Children

    Sharing learning Adoption Professionals | Friday 1st March 2013 | Di McNeish and Sara Scott, DMSS Research | 138 Downloads

    The Coram Centre for Early Permanence (CCEP) works with local authorities and independent adoption agencies to develop and share expertise with the aim of ensuring more children can live with their potential permanent carers at the earliest possible stage of the care process

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    Department of Education's 'Call for Views

    Parents and carers Adoption Professionals Policy responses | Friday 31st August 2012 | Dr. Carol Homden | 48 Downloads

    Coram seeks to influence policy-makers to ensure that children’s best interests are represented in policy reform