Jacob's story

We can all remember a time from school when we were stuck, feeling everyone else knew the answer and getting left behind as the lesson went on.

It makes such a difference when a teacher, parent or classmate can explain it, and you get the feeling of achievement when you finally understand. For some children there needs to be extra support to bridge that gap.

One child who greatly benefited from Coran Beanstalk's help is Jacob.

He struggled with reading and did not show much interest in books. This affected his confidence in class, he did not participate in lessons, struggled to make friends and was even teased about his poor reading. Then Jacob met Jasmin, our dedicated Coram Beanstalk reading volunteer.

Through weekly one-to-one reading sessions, Jasmin was able to engage Jacob and enable him to develop his reading skills. His teachers soon noticed him growing in confidence, becoming more interested in books and participating in lessons.

Jacob now believes that “reading is more important than any other thing.”

Through our help, Jacob not only learnt the vital skill of reading but he also became more engaged in his wider learning and his self-esteem grew. Nurturing children’s learning, personal growth and confidence is key in preparing them to reach their full potential. Jacob however, is one of the lucky ones and far too many children are left without the help they need.

We must act now to ensure children can get the help they need and, with your support, create many more success stories, just like Jacob’s.


All the names, images and some of the details of the children mentioned in this appeal have been changed to protect their identities.

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