Obstacle Events

Reebok Spartan Series

Reebok Spartan series photoThe Spartan Race is the world’s largest obstacle race designed to push your limits, test your strength and challenge your endurance! Each Spartan Race strives to surprise you - there will be mud, fire, water, walls, barbed wire and even more mud, but preparation for the unknown is a must. The Spartan Race Series takes place in locations all over the UK and with various distances; they are perfect for everyone from beginners to the professional Spartans.To choose your Spartan Challenge, head to the Spartan website

Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder event imageTough Mudder is the UK’s leading obstacle event, gruelling 10 to12 mile obstacle courses designed by Special Forces to test your all-round strength, stamina, determination and camaraderie. Events occur throughout the year, so head over to the Tough Mudder website to register directly but don't forget to let us know so we can support you in your fundraising!  By joining our team with your own place there's no minimum to raise.  If you think you’re tough enough, sign up to the next challenge.

Mudnificent 7

Mudnificent 7 event imageWork your way through obstacles testing stamina and strength through mud and water 1km zones. Mudnificent 7 takes place on 11th August in Heart Park, Warwickshire. For more information about signing up, see the Mudnificent 7 website.

Halloween Hike

Halloween hike event pictureThe Halloween Hike is an unlucky 13 mile loop around London's most haunted sites. Have fun being scared out of your wits and find surprises lurking around every corner. For more information about signing up, see the Halloween Hike website when it is up and running. To register your interest for when places are open, please contact the team.  

Zombie Evacuation Race

zombie evacuation event raceCan you navigate through a 5km obstacle course dodging terrifying zombies and ghoulish objects along the way? Will you make it to the other side as a human, or will you become one of them? Sign up as a team or as an individual.  We can let you know when places are available; please register your interest by contacting Coram's Challenge Events team. For more information the Zombie Evacuation website

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