Supporting young people

Coram is dedicated to providing support and opportunities to all children and young people.

Stay and PlayCoram Voice supports children in and out of care, providing advocates, a national helpline, and trained independent visitors. In addition, Coram encourages young people to change their own lives and the world around them by taking social action as young ambassadors, peer educators and volunteers.

“Now I feel like I could tell someone how I really feel and make them understand. Now I would say to anyone, always speak up!” – Young person discussing Coram Voice’s advocacy work

Find out more about Coram’s offering for young people

Visit Coram Voice if you are a young person in care or a care leaver who needs advice or support

Visit LawStuff if you are a young person looking for free advice on your legal rights or explanations of complex terms

Visit the Adoptables to find out about Coram's peer network for adopted young people

Learn more about the Young Citizens, which helps young ambassadors to address issues faced by migrant children and young people

The Child Law Advice Service provides legal information, advice and representation to children and young people

Young parent? Learn about Coram’s peer education Young Parenthood programme


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