The Adoptables Schools' Toolkit

Schools can benefit from improved awareness and understanding of adopted young people’s time at school. To help, we have co-produced a Schools Toolkit alongside the Adoptables.

The launch of the Adoptables' Toolkit

The toolkit includes lessons for Key Stage 2 and 3 (which can be delivered within Citizenship), and films which will help explain to the class what being adopted is like, and how adopted young people can be supported and included in the classroom. Both sessions include a detailed lesson plan which clearly link to PSHE Association Learning Opportunities, and can be adapted depending on the time teachers have to deliver the session.

We have designed the toolkit to be easy to deliver for teachers, with relevant research we have already gathered and drawn upon. We hope that after delivering the session and understanding the challenges more, our schools toolkit will act as a platform for further support across the whole school.

The Schools Toolkit is a free resource. Download the toolkit here. By registering your details to obtain the resources, we would like to contact you in several months to see how you used the resources and any feedback you have. It is valuable for us to know how many children we are reaching and to receive feedback on the usefulness of the resource in your school. That’s it – there is no other catch or hidden costs!

The Adoptables' Schools Toolkit has been co-produced with Coram Life Education and Coram Adoptables, with funding from the Department for Education and The Queen’s Trust.  

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