The Adoptables and young people

The AdoptablesAre you aged 13-25 and adopted? Join a unique network of adopted young people. Make new friends, share your experiences and have your say!

The Adoptables has two strands: our Adoptables regional groups and our ambassadors. 

Adoptables Regional Groups

Set up by a participation worker in your area, these groups bring together adopted young people aged 13-25. Young people participate in two initial workshops set up by the Adoptables, and are given the chance to share their views on adoption-related topics. For example, here's our Top Ten Tips for Prospective Adopters created by adopted young people.

After two Adoptables workshops, the groups then go on to be consulted by the local adoption team about how to best deliver good practice through Adoption Agencies. They will also become part of the national Adoptables network with opportunities to take part in events such as our summer picnic and theatre production.

From each regional group we aim to have at least one ambassador who will represent the voice of the regional group on a public platform. 

Adoptables Ambassadors

Could you be a national ambassador for adopted young people?

Our ambassadors, aged between 16 and 25, speak on public platforms about their experiences and the experiences of other adopted young people. Our ambassadors have spoken at CoramBAAF and the South East Post Adoption Network (SEPAN) events and the Kent Education Conference. They have also made appearances at the House of Parliament.

Our ambassadors programme runs for one year per intake. During this time our ambassadors take part in a weekend residential twice a year. They also receive media training, public speaking training and personal development support. 

Meet Jake, an Ambassador for adopted young people.

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The Adoptables' magazine

The Adoptables residential tripThe Adoptables magazine is a space where adopted young people can raise and address topics that are important to them. 

In the latest issue, read about The Adoptables residential trip, where they had the opportunity to take part in outdoor activities and meet with other Adoptable Ambassadors to discuss the issues facing adopted young people today. 

Have a story to tell? Contact us and get involved!

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Find out more:

If you are an adoptive parent or an adopted young person and want to find out more, please contact Programme Manager Lindsay McDougall at or 0207 239 4999 or visit Coram Life Education.   

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