Young parenthood programme

teenage mum and her baby

The Young Parenthood Programme are peer led workshops run in secondary schools, sixth forms, colleges and pupil referral units facilitated by young parents

Young parents involved with the project talk candidly about the impact of having a child while still young. The aim is to raise awareness of what it means to become a parent in your teens.

The workshops are interactive, giving paticipants a chance to discuss issues around sexual health, relationships, consent and also to think about the choices they make.

It’s made me think and given me the first-hand knowledge of what it is actually like to be a young parent. It's better than just being told facts – Pupil, La Santa Union School

What the programme involves

The programme, which is split into two sessions, matches PSHE delivery requirements for schools, and makes this a popular choice as an addition for pregnancy and sexual health lessons. However, the programme can also be run in other settings such as young people's hostels and other organisations.

  • introductory session
  • reflections
  • group actvities anddiscussions around social issues, housing and finances, relationships, sexual health and contraception
  • Q&A - pupils to parents

The school programme has been running since 2014 in five secondary schools in the London boroughs of Camden and Islington and reached over 800 pupils. The average age of pupils is 15 years, although the programme is also suitable for slightly younger and older pupils.

After secondary school students attended PSHE sessions run by a peer educator, 95% had a better understanding of what it would be like to have a baby, and 84% said they preferred learning about sex and relationships from young people.

Commission our services

If you work with young people and want to commission our programme, please contact Claire Everest, Young Parenthood programme project lead, for more information about availability and costs. 

"Brilliant! The honest and real life responses were needed."– a teacher. at Haverstock School in Camden.

Become a Young Parenthood programme facilitator

If you are a young parent and would like to get involved with the Young Parenthood programme as a facilitator, going in to schools to talk about your experiences, please contact the project lead, Claire Everest.


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