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Young people at risk

Coram provided art therapy to support young people in the criminal justice system or those vulnerable to becoming involved in risky behaviours. This project based in Kensington and Chelsea supports young people that are demonstrating emerging symptoms of problematic emotional health difficulties which are impacting or may impact on their life chances.

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Young people adopted

Young People’s Project, East Midlands

Coram’s support groups for adopted children and young people in the East Midlands were established in 2001.

They offer:

  • An opportunity to meet with other adopted children, build friendships, confidence and have fun.
  • The chance for young people to have their say and express their feelings about adoption.
  • Direct access to support workers in an informal environment.

There are four groups catering for different age groups. Each meets three times a year and there are also annual camps for the seven to 19 age groups and day trips for all ages. Professional staff and volunteers, including adoptees, run the groups jointly. The groups are very successful in creating an atmosphere in which young people can build long-term supportive relationships and raise issues, such as contact with birth family, in a supportive environment. The East Midlands Young People’s Project is part of Coram’s long-term commitment to children and young people and has already been able to support members facing challenging situations, such as reunion with birth parents, disruption and leaving home. 

Young People's Project and adoption professionals

Adopted young people in the East Midlands have produced a range of training materials for adopters and professionals working in adoption. They also contribute to our information sessions for prospective adopters.   

To find out more about Young People Adopted in the East Midlands please email us or call 01509 600306. Visit our dedicated Coram adoption website for more information about after adoption support for children and young people in the East Midlands, Cambridgeshire and London.

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